The coronavirus pandemic has catapulted ARDS into the limelight and offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to meaningfully study large patient populations with homogenous disease – revolutionizing the notoriously challenging drug development landscape and widening the window of therapeutic opportunity to treat ARDS for the first time ever.

From analyzing the molecular mechanisms behind COVID-19 related ARDS and assessing the robustness of available model systems to exploring the latest research on stem cell therapies, the inaugural ARDS Drug Development Summit is the premier platform for industry pioneers including Boehringer Ingelheim, Faron Pharmaceuticals and Alexion Pharmaceuticals to strategize against the drug development challenges faced in COVID-19/non-COVID-19 associated ARDS and catalyze a new wave of targeted therapies for pulmonary and systemic inflammation.

Join 60+ inflammation, respiratory and virology experts across 3 unique days of focused discussion on the hottest ARDS research and leave with the actionable insights you need to supercharge your drug development and bring life-changing therapies through approval for ARDS patients around the world.

World Class Speaker Faculty Included:

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