8:15 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Exploring the Therapeutic Modalities of ARDS: The Trials & Tribulations of the ARDS Drug Development Landscape

8:20 am Discussing Vilobelimab Phase III Study in Severe COVID-19


  • Reviewing how complement fragment C5a is activated by SARS-CoV-2 infection leading to neutrophil activation, reactive oxygen species generation, NETosis, release of tissue factor and fibrin formation, which contributes to a microangiopathy with thrombosis
  • Exploring Vilobelimab, a first-in-class anti-C5a monoclonal antibody, binds C5a with high affinity clearing it from circulation
  • Evaluating how Phase III results in severely ill, intubated COVID-19 patients demonstrate that vilobelimab has a clinically meaningful benefit reducing allcause 28-day mortality with a safety profile similar to standard-of-care

8:45 am Unlocking Multiple Mechanisms of Action Using a Unique AI/ML Platform with Novel Immunomodulators for ARDS Patients

  • Ritu Lal Chief Executive Officer, Gen1E Lifesciences


  • Highlighting the lead compound is Phase 2 ready for ARDS patients (including COVID-ARDS) having completed Phase 1
  • Using the unique AI/ML platform to develop 21 next generation p38 alpha/MK2 novel immunomodulators

9:10 am Exploring the IV NK1R+ MSC in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome


  • Understanding MSCs for ARDS
  • Discussing the phase I/II trial design
  • Reviewing the therapeutic strategy in ARDS

9:35 am Morning Break & Networking

10:30 am Interactive Roundtable Discussions Mechanisms of Action, Research Progress, Challenges & Opportunities


This session will facilitate in-depth discussion between participants around your chosen therapeutic approach, discussing

  • Monoclonal Antibody Therapy
  • Anti-Viral Therapy
  • IV Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Therapy
  • Mesenchymal Stem Cells
  • Complement
  • Neutrophil Extracellular Traps
  • mRNA / sRNA / CRISPR Techniques
  • Manipulating Ion Channels in ARDS

Harnessing Innovative Technology for ARDS Research & Drug Discovery

11:15 am Colonic Oxygen Microbubble Augment Systemic Oxygenation & CO2 Removal in a Porcine Smoke in Porcine Smoke Inhalation Model of Severe Hypoxia


  • Highlighting colonic and intraperitoneal oxygen microbubbles increase arterial (PaO2), mixed venous (PmvO2) blood oxygen gas pressures, and peripheral oxygen saturation (SpO2); in acutely hypoxic pigs suffering from respiratory failure
  • Discussing how colonic and intraperitoneal oxygen microbubbles decrease arterial (PaCO2) and mixed venous (PmvCO2) blood carbon dioxide gas pressures; in acutely hypoxic pigs suffering from respiratory failure
  • Reviewing how cytokines IL-1B and IL-6 were lower for oxygen microbubbletreated animals than for non-treated animals

11:45 am Networking Lunch

Discover the Similarities & Differences Between COVID ARDS & Non-COVID ARDS: Reimagining the ARDS Drug Development Path

12:45 pm Clinical Development of Solnatide Peptide for the Therapeutic Treatment of ARDS During the Coronavirus Pandemic


  • Reviewing solnatide peptide and its capacity to activate pulmonary edema clearance and highlighting the molecular structure and interaction with the pulmonary ENaC channel
  • Exploring basic characteristics of ARDS patients Vs. COVID-19 patients to illuminate whether ARDS pneumonia behaves similarly to viral/COVID pneumonia
  • Navigating the limitation in hospital management during pandemics
  • Delving into clinical trials to explore what lessons can be taken away from the pandemic

1:10 pm Going Beyond the Molecule: The Multi-Factorial Causes of ARDS & COVID-19 ARDS as a Challenge for Drug Development


  • Reviewing the multiple elements that can lead to ARDS and COVID-ARDS, to better understand the targets to pursue to achieve therapeutic impact
  • Using the improving knowledge of COVID-19 ARDS to increase the number of pharmacological targets and therapeutic candidates for ARDS

1:35 pm Afternoon Break & Networking

2:05 pm Pathway to a New Therapy to Save Lives: Differences & Similarities to Sepsis-Related ARDS


  • Examining the molecular science that led up to initiating trials of intravenous vitamin C in a patient with sepsis acute ARDS
  • Highlighting translatability from each related-ARDS syndrome to consolidate understandings of ARDS treatment and physiology

2:30 pm Repurposing Immunomodulatory Drugs for COVID-19 ARDS: Leukine for COVID-19 with Acute Hypoxemia

  • Fiona Garner Executive Director Clinical Development & Translational Medicine, Partner Therapeutics


  • Highlighting the immunomodulatory effects of GM-CSF in pulmonary diseases
  • Reviewing the clinical data from COVID-19 studies

2:55 pm Panel Discussion: Determining the Extent the Understandings Gained from Covid-19 ARDS Can Be Translated Into ARDS

3:30 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks