Ex[plore why industry leaders are excited to be involved with the ARDS Drug Development Summit

Increasing move to develop a precision medicine approach to accelerate new treatments for ARDS and participating in the discussions around this.

Danny McAuley, Queen University Belfast

ARDS has been eluding us for decades. Big steps have been taken during the past year to come up with new innovative drugs to concur ARDS. I cannot wait to see what the future brings us.

Juho Jalkanen, Faron Pharmaceuticals

Drug development had not progressed in ARDS in recent past. Unfortunately, due to the events of the past year, we all have turned our attention back towards ARDS and this is hopeful for patients who experience this condition and have so few therapeutic options.

Nina Patel, Boehringer Ingelheim

We need to come together as a scientific community to share our key research questions and answers so we can expedite drug development for patients with an extremely high unmet need. The summit will provide a framework to accelerate our efforts.

Shamsah Kazani, Alexion Pharmaceuticals