2021 Pre Conference Discussions Day

Workshop A - Uncovering the Implications of Long COVID Fibrosis for ARDS Patients

10:00AM - 12.00PM EDT | 7.00AM - 9.00AM PDT

The concrete data on the long-term implications and consequences of COVID-19 infections remains to be seen, but the emerging consensus suggests that large volumes of patients across the globe are plagued with persistent respiratory complications long after initial infection. One of the many symptoms of ‘Long COVID’ is ‘COVID related fibrosis’ which occurs due to a host of complex inflammatory pulmonary issues which arise because of COVID-19 infection. How exactly does ‘Long COVID’ affect the lungs of ARDS patients and how does this influence the window of therapeutic opportunity for ARDS drug developers? Participate in this discussion-led workshop to find out!

Highlights include:
• Exploring the mechanisms behind the inflammatory pulmonary issues in ‘Long COVID’ patients – what do you need to know from a drug development perspective?
• Discussing the potential risks of running clinical trials for ‘Long-COVID’ patients who suffer with ARDS and learning how to mitigate them
• Discovering potential treatments for ‘Long COVID’ fibrosis

Workshop Leader: 


Nina Patel
Director – Clinical Development &
Medical Affairs ILD
Boehringer Ingelheim

Workshop B - Manipulating the Complement Cascade for ARDS Treatment

1.00PM - 3.00PM EDT | 10.00AM - 12.00PM PDT

The importance of the complement cascade in ARDS drug development cannot be stressed enough and every year, exciting progress is made in understanding how biopharma can manipulate this system to streamline the development of clinically effective therapeutics. Make sure you’re at the forefront of the conversation on the latest developments in the use of the complement cascade for ARDS drug development by joining this workshop

Highlights include:
• Investigating the molecular mechanisms and specific cell types involved with the activation of the complement cascade in response to pulmonary injury and it’s relationship to the progression of ARDS
• Examining the serial cytokine changes and complement changes which drive forward the destruction of the lung in ARDS patients
• Learning how to strategically target the complement cascade to maximize the success of your ARDS therapeutic

Workshop Leaders: 


Shamsah Kazani
Senior Medical Director
Alexion Pharmaceuticals

Natacha Lemoan

Natacha Le Moan
Senior Director – Translational Research
Catalyst Biosciences