2022 Pre-Conference Workshop Day

Workshop A - Discovering the Long - Term Consequences
& Quality of Life for ARDS Survivors

10:00AM - 12.00PM

Data on the long-term implications and consequences of ARDS infections needs to be considered to understand patient quality of life and to illuminate clinical trial endpoints. Considering the long-term implications and consequences of ARDS infections - what do you need to know from a drug development perspective?


Highlights of this interactive workshop include:

  • Understanding pulmonary fibrosis as a long-term implication
  • Discovering potential treatments for the long-term implications and consequences of ARDS and long-covid
  • Discussing multi-organ failure as a result of ARDS
  • Examining Post ICU syndrome

Workshop Leader: 


David Ingbar

University of Minnesota

Workshop B - Harnessing Complement Directed Therapeutics for ARDS Treatment

1.00PM - 3.00PM 

The overshooting immune system, and in part of this, the complement cascade is gaining more and more recognition as an option for the treatment of ARDS, yet the question remains – how can biopharma manipulate this system to successfully develop clinically relevant therapeutics? Make sure you’re at the forefront of the conversation on the latest development in the use of complement-directed therapeutics for ARDS Drug Development.


Highlights of this interactive workshop include:

  • Discussing the optimum intervention time point in the course of the disease
  • Navigating the terminal end of the complement pathway (C5, C5a, C3)
  • Reviewing the most promising target
  • Exploring preclinical data in ARDS models
  • Highlighting complement fragments C5a lead to neutrophil activation, reactive oxygen species generation, NETosis, release of tissue factor and fibrin formation contributing to microangiopathy with thrombosis
  • Discussing Vilobelimab, a first-in-class anti-C5a monoclonal antibody
  • Demonstrating vilobelimab has a clinically meaningful benefit reducing all-cause 28-day mortality with a safety profile similar to standard-of-care

Workshop Leader: 

Axel Vater Portrait

Axel Vater
Founder & Chief Scientific

Aptarion Biotech


Renfeng Guo
Chief Scientific Officer