Melior Discovery 

Exhibition Partner

Melior Discovery is a company wholly dedicated to preclinical in vivo pharmacology across broad a range of therapeutic areas.  It directs much of its expertise towards providing bespoke studies with established models including a host of models that can be used to interrogate ARDS candidate therapeutics.

Melior’s exceptional capabilities in running animal models of disease have contributed to its pioneering role with in vivo phenotypic screening and the company’s leadership position in the area of drug repositioning.  Melior has been established since 2005 and is AAALAC accredited.

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Exhibition Partner

Biodesix® is an experienced partner in the field of blood-based molecular diagnostic testing. Our comprehensive diagnostic testing capabilities help our partners decipher the complexity of cancer by interpreting genomic and proteomic information from both tumor biology and the patient’s immune response.

Biodesix enables our partners throughout the discovery, development and commercialization of personalized diagnostics to support new therapies with companion diagnostic strategies.